The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

January 8th, 1901

The page for Tuesday, January 8th says:

Sailed on S. S. Finance at 1:15
Expense afc of baggage $3.
Fees, porting, etc.     .75

Capt Sukeforth - 
Susie, Maria, Harry, Ed, Willie,
Jno Geraghty, Robert A. Jew, Wm. Heavy,
Emma Wademan, Mr & Mrs Birdsall,
Jim Gormley, Harry Rickirich, F.J. Brady,
Jno Riley, John Dolan, A. A. Daly,
Jno Donney, Jno Fagin, Ed E Clark,
Frak, Drew Daly, Mrs. Anna Robinson,
Alva Robinson, Mrs. Chas Somers, Mrs
Hopkins, Miss Mary Cross, WTC Hilliand (?),
F.J. Grulfoyle, John Ryan of Hoboken, Ben Hill, H. Hilmers.
Weather perfect.
Met Mr. Borst, resident  Engr, Railway
Wm. Neavey introduced me to his
friend, Mr. Geo. Allen, Chief Engr of Finance.
Went to bed at 8 p.m.

Cold night 2 blankets.

Mailed letter to B. Kearns $8-
for dues A. O. U. W. enclosing
picture to 202 Palisade Ave
Jersey City, N.J.

(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view)

January 8th

Questions and comments:

  • I need to start an index for all these names.
  • I found a 1898 NYT article about Captain Sukeforth of the Finance
  • I found a reference to the Finance leaving New York for Colon on May 27, 1902, and another reference for a departure on July 23, 1901
  • The S.S. Finance was ran into by the White Star steamer Georgic and sunk off New York harbor in 1908.
  • [Aug 05] Changed name to “Harry Rickerich”

Comments on: "January 8th, 1901" (3)

  1. An index to all the names mentioned is a wonderful idea!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  2. Diane Clow said:

    Any idea where the letter to Kearns and the picture might have ended up? And is B Kearns the same as Bernard Kearns from Jan 5th?

  3. Probably the same person.
    He (or someone with the same name) is buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery in Jersey City.

    Born 1854, died 1925 – which would make him about 10 years older than Nathaniel.

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