The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

January 14th, 1901

The page for Monday, January 14th says:

Fine day. tried a bath - like it
Countess and bell boy at it.
The best run of the trip  320 miles - 24 hours
Lat  13° 37' N
Long 77° 34' W
Musicale for tonight by the Countess.
Mr. Gunther of Buenaventura
Hardware man - Clever German
Herman Lindan, Agent Kosmofine at
Panama. Wrote to Anna.
Allianca mail ought to reach
N.Y. Jan 22 - due Jan 30 at Dulzura

Baron de Riveria told me some
Chilian Mines - 92,000,000 in 3 yrs
He is a promoter for some Company -
I listened.
Paid Dooly & others $2.45 in tips

(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view)
Questions and comments:
  • In the report of the Isthmian Canal Commission 1899-1901 (vol 1), talking about the Panama Railroad Company, it says:
    • It owns three passenger and freight steamers of American registry, the Allianca, Advance, and Finance, of approximately 2,000 tons net each, which together with a chartered steramer, the Orizaba, run between New York and Colon on a weekly schedule.
  • “Anna” could be Anna (McHorney) Wills/Wells, who Nathaniel was living with in June of 1900 (recorded in the census). She was his widowed sister.
  • The only Dulzura that I know of is the small town outside of San Diego. (Yes, it existed in 1901) Why would Nathaniel be writing to someone (Anna?) in Dulzura?
  • There is a city named Buenaventura in Columbia, on the Pacific coast of Columbia.  It is about 400 miles from Colon, as the crow flies.

Comments on: "January 14th, 1901" (3)

  1. The Lauterbachs homesteaded in Potrero, which might have been greater Dulzura in 1900, but I don’t know when. Anna could be his wife to be. I’ve always wondered about this, how Nathanial ended up in SD. This makes me think that perhaps Anna L’s parent came to Potrero and left her in NY. Maybe they were the first to homestead.

  2. “Anna” is a tough name for this diary, because he was living with Anna (McHorney) Wills/Wells (his widowed sister), in June of 1900 (from the census), and then he married Anna Lauterbach at St. Patricks in Jersey City on 7-Nov 1901. (I’m not sure where I got the marriage date/location – probably from Selma’s butcher paper)

    Here’s another bit that caught my eye in the diary: On September 3rd, 1901, Nathaniel wrote: “The day 1 year ago Anna left J.C. for California”

    P.S. I was down in Potrero a couple months ago and walked through the cemetery there taking pictures of the gravestones. Lots of Lauterbachs, Nelsons, Rowans, etc – but no McHorneys there.

  3. […] to San Diego. However, if the Lauterbachs did go to San Diego during early 1901, it would make the entry about Dulzura on the 14th of January make […]

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