The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

January 16th, 1901

The page for Wednesday, January 16th says:

S.S. Manavi. McNulty came up
last trip. Lost my rosary. Steamer
trunk left behind. ticket No 963
Coffee at 6. breakfast at 10. lunch at 1
dinner at 6 tea at 8 oclock p.m.
Hot and no crash suits - whew!
5 days in same clothing. Wrote to
Agent at Panama to be left at Buenaventuras
for Quito mail.
Mr. Grunther of Hamburg leaves us
tomorrow. Spanish Menu. I order what
I think is Roast Beef - get Pork & Beans.
I must get hold of a menu car - curio
Boy grins, but at his Spanish - hunger
will make one study.
Tuesday p.m. Cable for trunk from
No battle occurred as we were told to expect at Panama.
Liberals & Revolutions in full strength
Lived 15 days in rice in Buenaventuras.
Lots of rumors - everything upset.
Rice and beans a tropical standby.

(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view)
Questions and comments:
  • In 1901 a man named Günther discovered the ‘Hyla pseudopuma‘ or ‘Gunthers costa rican treefrog’, I have no idea if this is the right person, or if that was even Albert Günther. Note that Albert Günther lived in London, not Hamburg.
  • The Manavi was built in 1885, and sunk in 1927 after being used for target practice.

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