The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

January 21st, 1901

The page for Monday, January 21st says:

Eight oclock a.m arrive at
Esmeraldas, Ecuador, S.A.
Entry to port reminds me of the
Upper Catskill Mountains on the
Hudson River. Expenses 3.75 + 4.55 Total: $8.20

We have troubles - Our agent "no se hable
Engles" 2 of us again - Food for our 5
day trip. I am told to open our cargo.
Mr. Schoenemam help us out. Arroyo?
Sr to send food aboard of a "Balandra"
Describe it - well I will later on for
it is worth of it. C.J.F. at lunch told
me cabbage all the crackers I could !!!
Well, I am supplied with 2 lbs and 1 lb
of cheese. Aboard the balandra at 4 pm
expect to sail at 9 pm - 2 niggers singing.
5 in charge of boat. Mr Mrs C.J.F. will
come aboard later on - they to go ashore - no
room for us - well so it goes. Cook treating
us to native dishes. Don't sail until 5 am
tomorrow. Name of Balandra "Paris"
Cost $2500 - Crew friendly.
(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view) 

Questions and comments:

  • A Balandra is a South American coasting vessel, of about 100 tons having one mast. Also knowns as a Bilander.
  • Who is Mr. Schoenemam (and is that really how it is spelled)?
  • Who is Arroyo Sr?
  • What cost $2500? The Paris? The trip on it (seems unlikely)?

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