The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

January 23rd, 1901

The page for Wednesday, January 23rd says:

Arose at 6 a.m. Well. Limones
has a saw mill. Eat. wait
for Canoe. next stop Borton. 3 hrs.
D.C.S to sent after C.G.F & family -
Me - well, hustle! I'll win, tho'
After good hustling get away from
Limones - pass thro Islay - see La Jola
Win out being the 1st to arrive at Borbon.
Agent says I speak better Spanish than the
others - they are at supper. Boy and I
waiting - we to sleep in the storehouse.
Stapleton always does - is the way it is
put to me. Hobson's choice.
Trip so far in canoe delightful -
the 2 Allens saluted on their way
home to Pennsylvania. Remember them
to Stapleton and the boys. Checked off
cargo brought up - 21 packages - 165
in all to come from Limones - Warehouse
has American roses on bushes in front.
Boy has a knife - 2 umbrellas cost
10 Sucres or $5 at home 60c apiece.
Pilot and oarsmant sing most of the
journey. Songs "Little Bug in Blue"
Tara ra boom de Ay
Cost una Sucre for breakfast at Limones.
(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view) 

Questions and comments:

  • Borbón is a town in the forests of Ecuador.
  • La Tola is an town right at the mouth of the river.
  • Who are the two Allens?
  • “Stapleton” would be Dean C. Stapleton, Vice President and General Manager.

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