The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

January 31st, 1901

The page for Thursday, January 31st says:

Arose 5:30 A.M. Sun shining. Office 6:30 A.M.
"Jan 30 - Dreamed of my wife Sarah. Mrs.
Annie Robinson, also, that, Mrs. Wells and
Wm Huston separated. Said I was glad to
know it"
Jan 31 - Dreaming of my Anna last night. pleasantly
too. Fr. Bessano on the way to preach at Aunt Christy's
funeral - he had converted her to the catholic faith.
Anna's family I thought returned to J.C. Bert
started in as a baker. Anna in my arms as I
aroused her 1:30 A.M. Said out my greeting her with XXXXX
"Mac this is like old times"
Started at work on books 7 a.m. until
11 A.M. 11:30 until 1:30 hard work too.
D.C.S & C.G.F family returned from the
photographing of Boqueron, Boys says the
Mrs & Miss have lots of pluck - Talk with
D.C.S 2 hours - go home read spiritual
works for 1/2 hour. Write a letter to
John Ryan of Hoboken, N.J.
Expect to clean up Boqueron Saturday. have
night shift working - men superstitious and
refuse. Boy found piece of gold quartz.
After proper meditation to bed.
No cargo yet - River high.

(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view) 

Questions and comments (lots and lots here):

  • His wife Sarah (Wademan) Hchorney, died in 1897 (I’m pretty sure).
  • I don’t know who Mrs. Annie Robinson is.
  • Mrs. Wells (aka Anna Marie [HcHorney] Wells, his widowed sister) married Wm Huston. I don’t have any evidence that they separated; I believed they remained together until she died in 1947. In fact, I found a William and Anna Huston together in the 1920 census.
  • In this entry, I’m pretty sure that Anna is Anna Lauterbach, who Nathaniel would marry in November 1901.
  • Fr. Bessano?
  • I have not been able to figure out who “Aunt Christy” would have been referring to.
  • Bert could be Berthold Joseph Lauterbach (b 1866) 0r Richard Berthold Lauterbach (b 1880) both brothers of Anna Lauterbach (or some other Bert)
  • John Ryan?
  • Anna’s family _returned_ to Jersey City? I didn’t know they had left until after Nathaniel’s marriage, when Nathaniel, Anna, and members of both their families moved to San Diego. However, if the Lauterbachs did go to San Diego during early 1901, it would make the entry about Dulzura on the 14th of January make sense.

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