The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

February 23rd, 1901

The page for Saturday, February 23rd says:

Arose at 6 A.M. At work 6:40 A.M.
Next week I will be in charge
Will have to be at office 6 A.M.
to see that store is open and men
get their tools.
Books about complete for August
Found balances from July were not
correct. C.G. Franklyn traced back
and found N.O was wrong since March
of 1900. a difference of some $31
i.e, the books at this end were not
Mr. Stapleton received N.Y. mail. I am none
the more wise. Cable too.
I receive letters from Susie, Maria, Jim
Gormley, and Wm. Huston - papers etc.
am happy.
Answer them all in one note to Susie.
Rain this afternoon.
Books look plainer to me now.
Mrs. C.G. Franklyn promised to send Susie
some photographs.
Canoe men agree to remain to carry
down Franklyn party. My trunk heard
from at Esmeraldas. Feb 6.

(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view) 

Questions and comments:

  • The trunk (containing Nathaniel’s clothes) was not transferred to the ship at Colon (on January 15th). He’s been living with the “clothes on his back” for more than a month.
  • Susie and Marie are his sisters, and Wm Huston is married to Susie.

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