The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

March 13th, 1901

The page for Wednesday, March 13th says:

At office 5:45 A.M. Sun rise beautiful
at 6. A.M. Day hot - no rain - night
very close. Work until 6:30 p.m.
Mr. Stapleton did not think it wise for me
to accompany him to Sapayo Canal today
Books all posted to date.
He goes to Quasamambi Friday.
Mr. A. L. Moore says that Mr. Clark under-
estimated this property. But that he is not
here to make a report. May come back here
in August under different money arrangement.
No mail leaves today. No one will carry it.
Begin to understand things better now.
Property can be may pay. My. Stapleton
did very good work!
Letters to Mr. E.W. Ward, Alvah Robinson, Ethel Daly,
Sister Teresa, Mrs. E.F. Wells.
Told Mr. Moore of my low salary.
Clare Moore playing a clarinet to-night.

(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view)

Questions and comments:

  • I wonder why it would “not be wise” to visit Sapayo Canal.
  • Again “Sister Teresa”. He has written several letters to her. I should be able to figure out who this is.
  • Alvah Robinson was mentioned earlier as well.
  • Nathaniel has a niece named Ethel Daly – his sister Christine (McHorney) Daly’s daughter. She turned 18 in 1901.
  • Nathaniel’s sister Ann Marie McHorney married a Charles Wells – that could be who he is referring to – but earlier he’s referred to her as Marie, so I’m not sure.

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