The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

April 5th, 1901

The page for Friday, April 5th says:

At office 6:30 A.M. Santos Viernes. Off to
Playa de Oro - 7 in our canoe. Stay all
night. We are the guests of the Judge. See
much. Sincerity marks every event. Many
strange customs. Much lightning and thunder
just about end of days ceremonies. At dark
much preparation for the procession.
Soldiers shoot off bomb in church. Whole
families sleep on the floor. Many, many
things to describe. Take Christ from the Cross.
Soldiers, dress in parade much like a
carnival festival in New Orleans.
Mule is roped and gaily bedecked.
Images of our Blessed Lady carried 
aloft by women. Men carry St. Joseph.
Lastly, our Savior is buried into a
sepulcher. All night intoning of
prayers can be heard. Boy and I
had a native bed - hard bamboo sticks.
Not feeling good all day. In fact, 
sick, blue and very homesick.
Collections taken up. Principal
offerings are candles and eggs.
All in all a strange sight.
Soldiers across door sill of church on duty.
Say my rosary in church. 200 people there.

(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view)


Questions and comments:

  • This is Good Friday; “Santos Viernes” is Spanish for “Holy Friday”
  • “Soldiers shoot off bomb in church” – I wonder if he meant what we would call fireworks.

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