The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

April 18th, 1901

The page for Thursday, April 18th says:

At office 5:50 A.M.
No canoe to be had to take Mr. Meisner's
materials down to finish Sajado Pipe Line.
I take the liberty of launching Mr. Stapleton's
new canoe. Luckily, I find two boys to do
the canoeing - Mr. Stapleton's canoe too small.
They find another down the river - swap, and
complete their mission. Mr. Meisner so in-
difference I suspect collusion between 
he and Manuel in order that Mr. Meisner
will be ordered to stay here and finish
up a 3 day job which, would benefit
him 6 weeks at $5 - a day.
I can appreciate more of Mr. Stapleton's
manner in handling these people. Right
he is too.
Think much of my future California home.
Boy fixing up a stock in No 2 room.
Two monitors going at Quasamambi.
No Gerald nor mail as yet.
Rather quiet - Carpenter Mesa left
today. Company owes him $30.
Just returned from investigating a
shooting of a gun. Watchman claims he
saw a body sneaking around Mr. Stapleton's house.
Wonder if climax is coming.

(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view)


Questions and comments:

  • The last four lines (starting with “Just returned”) were written differently than the rest – I’m guessing that they were written later in the day/evening.
  • “Future California home” – that’s new.
  • I wonder what Nathaniel sees as “the climax”

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