The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

May 4th, 1901

The page for Saturday, May 4th says:

At office 6 A.M. 
River the highest since my arrival here,
and remained so all day. Rain 3 1/2 inches.
No mail nor food in sight for one week.
Gerald and I talk transportation by way
of Cayapas river - 14 miles - 5 hours walk.
Steamer can come up all the way.
Our river a torrent. Gerald says it beats
the Yellowstone. River rose 8 feet.
Men have to swim quebradas coming down
from the Mountains.
Things at a standstill.
Pay off about 25 men.
Same bill of fare.
Stations to-night.
Boy goes at his arithmetic.

(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view)


Questions and comments:

  • Quebradas is Spanish for “creeks/ravines/gorges”. I think that in this context, Nathaniel meant “creeks”.

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