The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

May 12th, 1901

The page for Sunday May 12th says:

At office 6:20 A.M.
Fairly busy all day. Mr. Albert Matson
recently from Zurrina Mines - Had
charger for underground workings.
English father - Italian mother. Very good
conversationalist. A treat to me at the
present time. Gerald inclined to lose his
temper quickly.
River again high - delay of the rest of provisions.
Mr. Matson to go up to Quasamambi in the
morning - I like him.
Gerald dis not like Downey's idea of picking
our fuse. He had already sent orders up
by Gahona. I smell trouble on that
score. I let up on being too interested.
Boy understands what stranded now
means and is sorry for Mr. Matson.
Gave him tobacco - good reason for it too.
Said my chaplet to the Sacred Heart
for I have much to be thankful for
in my life.
Boy learning young.
Talk much of California. Anna
good night.

(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view)


Questions and comments:

  • “stranded” and “much” (to be thankful for) are underlined.
  • “Gahona” – I’m not sure what this word is.
  • I couldn’t find any reference to the Zurrina mine (or various other spellings)

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