The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

August 28th, 1901

The page for Wednesday, August 28th says:

S.S. Manavi - last night - much sea sickness
Kept my space clear by hustling the Soldiers
from it. 14 Women with 163 men.
To-day bright and Sun hot.
Think of stripes, non-commissioned officers, being put on sleeves with
safely pints. Crash suits, overalls, red flannel
drawers and golf pants are to be seen.
A great experience to me,. Come to the
same conclusion. S. A. not the place for a
conscientious man aas yet.
War is a diversion for them, for it is
the means of feeding them twice daily.
German S.S. Memphis left Buenaventura
because they could not un-load a cargo.
Men and women very careless - sleep in each
other's arms on deck. Drums, bugles and washing
hanging on the lines atween decks.
I wonder if my diary writing will lead them
to treat me as a spy. Being an American I risk it.
See another whale - swordfish worrying whale - comes
much out of water - excitement. Our means are served from
Dining Saloon. Soldiers are hogs and very filthy.
My talk to 2d officer has its effect. Decks are swept
at 4 p.m.
I read from diary to Chief Engineer. Then, shortly,
Chief Officer makes a tour below deck. Is he afraid.
This is the first time since arrival of the soldiers.

(as always, you can click on the image to get a larger view)

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