The story of Nathaniel McHorney's 1901 trip to Ecuador.

I will be scanning a my great-grandfather’s diary, one page at a time, and posting the image here along with a transcript of the writing at the rate of about one page/day.

I will start posting about the first of July.

Until then, if you have questions, comments, stories about Nat Sr, his life, his trip, etc, please put them here in the comments.


Comments on: "Getting ready to begin…" (4)

  1. Sharon Dilloway said:

    Hi Marshall. We had always heard that our grandfather’s (Nathaniel Jr) was Sarah Wademan.

  2. Sharon – I believe that you are correct, and that I mis-entered your great-grandmother’s maiden name. “Wademan”, not “Waldeman”

    I will correct the post – thanks!

  3. Hello,

    Wonderful website! Thank you for sharing this information. Nathaniel McHorney is my great-great-great uncle. If you have any additional information about the McHorney family, I would love to know, especially about his parents. I haave no info beyond them.



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